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Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort

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The monastery of Ayii Anargyri was founded by two brothers, Saints Cosmas and Damianos in 1649. They were well known on the island for traveling from village to village caring for the sick and the dying - for which they never asked payment, hence the monastery’s name which means ‘without silver’.
When the brothers settled in their little monastery there were soon many local folk stories about them – all of them connected with bad eggs! The explanation became apparent many years later when water tests in the late 19th century revealed high quantities of sulphur in the monastery’s natural springs! The monastery had actually fallen into disrepair some years earlier but when the mineral content of the water was revealed the monastery began to function again and regularly welcomed elderly travelers from Cyprus and Greece. News of the healing powers of the water had spread and even today they have been proven to be beneficial to those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and other problems with their joints and muscles as well as stomach problems and spinal abnormalities.

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In 1983 a businessman from the village, Zenon Chrysanthou, acquired the old monastery. He was delighted as he had always loved the area and appreciated its almost magical tranquility and would dream about transforming the monastery into a place where once again people would benefit by visiting. Sadly, his untimely death in 2003 meant he never did see his dream come true but he had certainly inspired his family who were determined to see his plans through to their fruition!

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After many years of planning, the concept of the natural spa took shape. Through the Structural Funds of the EU, the traditional building of the monastery and its church, were restored carefully and sensitively to recapture their original character and the same style is mirrored in the new spa and bungalows that were added. The complex is now a tourist spa resort and through cultural tourism activities help the revitalization of rural settlements of Cyprus countryside, offering new employment possibilities.

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