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Our Projects

Year of Makarios III

By decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus the year 2013 was declared “a Memorial Year in honour of the centenary for the birth of the first President of the Republic, Archbishop Makarios III. The Russian-speaking community ...

Gala 2012 in russian

11 февраля в Пафосе прошел Благотворительный Русский Гала вечер Russian Gala Pafos стал ярким событием в культурной и общественной жизни Пафоса. Мероприятие по своему масштабу превзошло самые смелые ожидания организаторов: в зале Basilika отеля ...

Children's Festival

The First International Pafos Children's Festival that took place on the 5th of May 2012 was organised by the Cyprus-Russian Association of Pafos. The event was supported by the International School of Paphos, the Russian Cultural Centre, the Muni...

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