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Goals & Mission


  • Work side by side with the local community, bridging the gap between the Russian, Cypriot and other cultures while advocating for peaceful coexistence, based on mutual respect.
  • Introduce and promote the Russian culture
  • Help the Russian population to become part of the Cypriot society without losing their national identity.
  • Build ties and work together with organisations and institutions on the island who share our goals in order to make a meaningful contribution to the Russian and Russian-speaking population and the local community.
  • Promote Cyprus and particularly Paphos in Russia and in other countries of the members’ origin.
  • Promote, expand and encourage economic and trade relations between Paphos and Cyprus and ex-Soviet Union countries.
  • Work on projects with a social focus which will impact positively on people/organisations with a variety of needs, depending on the association’s expertise and capacity.


  • Create promotional material that reflect the Association’s goals and activities, for distribution via print and electronic media
  • Create opportunities for social functions for personal communication amongst the Cypriots, the Russian and other ethnic groups in our community.
  • Organise fundraising events to support the goals of the organisation and by extension help the community
  • Organise educational activities, cultural exhibitions, lectures, and other related activities
  • Offer advice using the knowledge and skills of the members and other specialists

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