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Help us Help Others


A huge thank you from St. Michael's Hospice to everyone who made a donation during the IV International Children's Festival !

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People will always be in need of each other, and in these difficult times, we need it more than ever.
Your help, however big or small, can be very valuable to someone. More and more families, irrespective of nationalities, are going through tough times due to the world economic crisis. We are and always will be trying to do our best to help those in need. And you might want to join our efforts.
But it doesn’t have to be just money!
Our Association brings together people who are eager to make our life better, more interesting, fulfilling and creative. We aim to organise different events, clubs and activities. Often, people have the time, the knowledge and the experience but haven’t got space. And there might be someone out there with a place being empty and wasted which could be used for a good cause. Or you might want to sponsor an event or a club etc. Or maybe you would even like to organise one yourself, or be an active helper in realizing a project. There’s no limit, really.
This page is dedicated to all such calls for help on the one hand and offers on the other. We are hopeful that this will work out really well for all of us and benefit the community and the city.


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