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Rosa Demetriou

rosa2.jpg  Name: Rosa Demetriou

  Occupation: Montessori Teacher

  Tel: 00357 99922607

  E-mail: Cyprus.montessori@gmail.com


Website/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rosa-Montessori-School-Paphos-  Cyprus/154482551276486?ref=ts&fref=ts

Born and raised in South Africa, Rosa Demetriou’s journey has been a long and interesting one, that finally brought her to Cyprus, to fulfill her dream. 

After school Rosa decided to do a Teachers training course in Fashion Design and pattern making, she always had a passion for creativity! Once completing her course she worked for a few years in adult education but after realizing her first job didn’t even cover her bus fare (which was a lot less in those days) she went back to the drawing board and got herself a job in bookkeeping, the money was good (she could pay the bus fare, her rent and even have a bit to spare!) She then fell in love with a Cypriot man and began the next big journey; Motherhood!

It was only after her daughter was born that she found her true passion and career. Her daughter had just started nursery school, and Rosa felt herself feeling more and more despondent by the education her daughter, as well as her son (who was now in high school) were receiving. So she began researching alternative forms of education. After extensive research she finally found Montessori and hasn’t looked back since.

‘I immediately placed my daughter in a Montessori nursery school and began my studies straight away. It was so refreshing to find a place where the whole child was considered and respected but mainly to see my daughter thrive in an environment where she was so stimulated and comfortable was so refreshing for me’

Rosa continued to study and research Montessori, completing two Montessori diplomas (from birth to 8 years) and rosa3.jpgworked in numerous Montessori schools until the next big step in her life came: Moving to Cyprus!

Her husband and her decided to move their family to Cyprus due to the increase of crime in South Africa, as her husband is Cypriot it was an obvious choice, the sea and lovely island lifestyle was the cherry on top.

As it was her dream to open her own school, Rosa shipped all the Montessori equipment, books etc with her, knowing that one day it would be put to good use. In 1995 she opened her first mini school from home, starting with just one child that rapidly grew to 6, calling it ‘Rosa’s Montessori House of Children’ Seeing the growing demand she took the plunge and converted a whole house into a school, where it has been growing and evolving for the past 18 years!

‘I do feel a little old now that I see some of my past students in the army and university! I can’t help but feel proud of them all!’

Rosa continues to develop her skills and interests, saying that she feels that as each generation of children evolves so should she. She completed studies in ‘ABA’, Special educational needs, English language courses as well as courses in dyslexia.

‘My work is my life, I love working with children and seeing them blossom into happy, confident and independent little people!’

If you would like to know more about Rosa’s experiences and the Montessori Method, please feel free to contact her on: 99922607


‘Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world’

 -Maria Montessori

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