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Sancha Demetriou

profile.jpg  Name: Sancha Demetriou

  Occupation: Jewellery designer/ maker


  E-mail: sancha.demetriou@gmail.com

  Websites: www.BonnyandRead.etsy.com





Sancha Demetriou is a UCA graduate, where she studied 3D Design in Jewellery and Accessories. She creates body adornment using mixed media, creating pieces that are illustrative, beautifully crafted and unique, from her Studio/Workshop in the heart of old Paphos Town.



Her intricate designs are based on fantasy, mythology and music. Handcrafted from mixed media including, silver, gold, brass, plastic and much more. She is heavily influenced by illustration and conveying a message through imagery, creating pieces that are visually beautiful and meaningful.

Working both as a self employed designer as well as doing collaborative work with other designers from different fields. Sancha enjoys all things creative, including painting, drawing and graphic design.


'My creative process usually begins through painting and illustrating,

drawing inspiration from my surroundings and symbolism. I then begin to sketch and paint until the design is ready to be turned into a 3-dimensional object. I love the idea of being able to wear a little piece of art and that the meaning that becomes attached to a piece of jewellery is so personal and unique to the wearer.'

Her newest project is her brand ‘Bonny & Read’

‘I've always been torn between being an illustrator or being a Jeweller/ Designer. Even at university I toyed with the idea of studying both (If I could've gotten away with it, I would have) Eventually I chose jewellery, as I loved the idea of using fire to manipulate metal, changing the solid form into liquid and back to solid again. Heat Vs Coolness, it was (and still is) very exciting for me. But then came that nagging little 'doodler' inside me! So I've decided to combine both and hopefully make pieces that other people can feel as passionate about as I do!'


Treasure map necklace, front open.jpg


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