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Wine Workshop


‘Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilised. (Andre Simon) 

General introduction

Few establishments can offer their customers ‘notes’ of floral honey, passion fruit and different berries, or indeed have in stock a cool dark fruit with the savoury and velvet scent, to offer in a glass a rather lovely, rich, boozy, and sensual full bodied taste experience, one that leaves long trails of liquid that descend slowly down the sides of the glass, indicating the correctly wine chosen.  

Briefly about us

The Wine Workshop is an independent one stop shop offering customers a truly diverse range of wines all packed with values and secrets. We also stock an interesting selection of spirits and always, there is the pleasure of also coming across some truly exotic and unique gems.

Wide choice of wine and deli

The real beauty of wine is how it connects us to the land, to a specific, unique place and time that shows its signature through the grapes, so one can from the comfort of one’s home visit France, Italy, Greece, Spain going up to Germany and Austria, flying away to New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chile and finally California. Also, you should learn more about our local Cyprus wines selection, as well as commandarias and spirits, which probably is biggest in the Island forming permanent exhibition in the premises of Wine Workshop. Along with keeping promoting other exciting areas where, as yet unknown producers are hidden to become stars of the future.

Our events

Our weekly Wednesday tasting evenings have proved to be increasingly popular, as we introduce both local and international, new and classic favourites, where educational part of those is presented by high professional sommeliers, oenologists and executive representatives from local wineries and even sometimes well-known names from abroad. Our every event is the time when the wine delivers what the Greeks describe as ‘entheos’ or the slight inspiration you get when sipping from a glass.  

Our Wine Club

For our loyal private Wine club members we are happy to introduce unique offers and more attractive pricing as we care about those who become a part of our live. After becoming our Club member there is always a possibility to receive a VIP card and experience greater opportunities. We also cooperate with other clubs and organizations in order to offer something better within Wine Workshop premises, like KiprInform and FindingCyprus discount cards owners.

Wine School

Even the most experienced sommeliers and oenophiles have to keep learning and tasting, wine is after all a living entity and for those who love wine but wish to learn more, then the answer has to be to sign up for the Wine Workshop classes, in the excellent company of a sommelier who will over six lessons give enthusiasts a much better sense of appreciation, coupled with great tips and recommendations for future wine buying.

CyprusWine Exhibition

We are proud to announce the opening of the biggest permanent exhibitions of Cyprus wine, commandarias and spirits in the area accompanied with 4 different tasting programs. This great cultural and educational event will accommodate more than 35 wineries and will present more than 200 different labels of Cyprus wine. The exhibition will also be accompanied by video, printing and photo materials from all over Cyprus. There is so much to show and we are 100% sure that everyone can find something new and unique for himself.

Service and attitude, quality and care

The keywords used at the Wine Workshop are quality and value, we deal only with the most creditable wineries and distributers in order to bring you quality and value in every glass.

We take great pride in offering a truly bespoke service, so, whether you are looking to lay down a cellar for the future, or, just want to ensure there is always a great bottle waiting at home.


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