Artistic gymnastics today is not just a sport. it tandem harmonizing each other art and sports. Artistic
gymnastics is not limited to strength, endurance and dexterity. Before athletes have a rather difficult task:
they should feel rhythm, pick up to it expressive movements. Other words: gymnasts must educate in  themselves aesthetic hovnost. Compound combinations consisting of gymnastic, acrobatic, tancelny, smooth, flexible, plaexercises with objects (jump rope, hoop, ribbon, clubs, ball), in accompanied by a beautiful music is rhythmic gymnastics. Children’s artistic gymnastics promotes harmonious physiological development,
helps to develop aesthetically shapes taste, produces coordination, expressiveness of each movement  (including plastic, sense of rhythm, grace, and even artistry.) The basis of any dance is a classic choreography that gives basic and fundamental lessons stretching, flexibility, power loads). Such choreography is relevant and simple in everyday life – good posture, gait … Become more sustainable and better navigate in space, improve self insurance skill acrobatics will help – integral basic part of any sport. Artistic gymnastics – an extraordinary combination of harmony body and soul. And today your girls have a chance to become part of this amazing beautiful sport. In Paphos opened art club gymnastics “Nicole” under Russian leadership coach Natalia Yashin. This is a unique school, which combined basic Russian program and European level of teaching.
It is international the club in which they study children of different nationalities: Cypriots, English, Russians and others. Teaching is also conducted in three languages. Trainer – Yashin Natalya – master of sports in
rhythmic gymnastics, repeated prize-winner of the championships of Russia and Ukraine. Coaching experience of 17 years, of which three years – in Sports Diagoras Club in Nicosia, in which Natalia coached the absolute champion of Cyprus and repeated winner of intercity diamantou competition Earypidou. Euripides has won more than one diamond and as many as six medals! Cyprus national rhythmic gymnastics team, among which was Diamanta, won the team competition at the Commonwealth Games, held in April 2018 in the Australian city of Gold Coast. BUT in the team event Cyprus national team entered top ten teams. After moving to Paphos, Natalia opened a rhythmic gymnastics club “Nicole.” For two years of the club’s existence, gymnasts participated in various competitions, as well as in international tournaments, where repeated winners of the Cyprus Championship and the winners of the Cyprus Championship in the team standings in 2018. In addition to the professional group, the club there is a health group where trainer helps children improve your figure, posture, gait, lose weight and become more confident in yourself. We invite everyone, lovers of sports and beauty in a friendly club rhythmic gymnastics team   “Nicole.”