Each person is a unique genes, his own method of thinking, deciding, making choices. This is a unique set of skills, abilities and talents.
What is uniqueness? Do you have it? Why do some graduate from school with a gold medal and this remains their greatest achievement, while others become Nobel laureates? How do you differ from geniuses?
Tatyana Butorina graduated from the Magnitogorsk Pedagogical University with a degree in psychology, as well as the International Center for Professional Coaching ICP CENTER. Coach, a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation
Mom of three children, one of the inspirers and organizers of the Cyprus-Russian Association of Paphos, for four years was on the board of directors of the association, a former co-owner of Russian Marketing Company and the pioneer of Russian radio in Paphos, franchising the largest radio station in Russia.
Preliminary registration and information by phone 99188889
The entrance for the members of the Association is free.

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