Countries experiencing water problems need to reuse water. Cyprus is already taking the first steps in this direction, using purified water for irrigation.
Water regeneration is used in a large number of countries, especially in arid areas. The water entering the sewage system undergoes several degrees of purification, as a result of which all foreign objects are removed from it and kill bacteria and microorganisms. Such regenerated water can be used in irrigation and irrigation systems, for washing sidewalks and roads, for extinguishing fires – in other words, everywhere where it is not intended to be consumed by humans.
In Cyprus practice, purified water, from which 90-95% of foreign substances and microorganisms are removed, is used for irrigation. In world practice, water passes tertiary treatment in bioreactors and ultraviolet plants, after which it is discharged into natural water bodies.
According to Andreas Lukas, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Cyprus, water reuse makes a significant contribution to maintaining water balance and fully satisfies irrigation needs.