In Cyprus, a poisoned bait was again found, killing animals and birds. Their use is prohibited by law, but it does not stop anyone.
This time, officers from the Hunting Department found her in the village of Kambu and some other villages in the Nicosia region, as well as in the area of ​​Paphos and the Paphos Forest.
Usually poison is used against foxes and stray dogs. However, every year other animals become its victims. This unlawful method of dealing with hen-breeders has caused a catastrophic decline in the white-headed vulture population and one of the reasons for the black vulture once nested here. Also, Bonelli eagles, kurganniki, hawks, partridges, ducks, hares and even mouflons, not to mention hunting dogs, die from poison. A recent high-profile incident occurred in the village of Argaka in early May. Then seven dogs and two cats died from poisonous meat.
To combat the poisoners, Cyprus has joined a European program called LIFE, under which specially trained snoops will arrive on the island to help discover poisoned baits.
The Department of Hunting reminds citizens that if they know cases of poisoning, they should report this to the office.