On Sunday, October 13th, 2019, Ibrahim Khan Square in the center of Paphos hosted numerous guests at the multicultural festival. The traditional event was organized by the municipality of Paphos for the fifth year in a row as part of the Open Society project aimed at the Integration of Third Country Nationals into Cyprus, with the participation of the Cyprus-Russian Association of  Paphos,  Russian Centre for Science and Culture in the Republic of Cyprus and the Paphos Police Department. This project is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Foundation and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

The participants of the festival represented Jordan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Syria, China, the Philippines, Georgia and Russia.

Those who came to the square were able to savor various flavors and taste the dishes of the national cuisines, get familiar with the indigenous traditions, demonstrated through the traditional songs and dances on the stage, communicate with the mates or neighbors, make new friends and get an avalanche of positive vibes for the whole day.

Flags were waving in the breeze, dozens of languages and accents were heard here and there, everything drowned in a variety of multicultural forms, colors and styles. But one thing was vitally important – all faces of children and adults were glowing with joy, pleasure and real happiness.

Festival was wrapped up with the roundelay, which united all people in one dance, hand in hand. This was a pure demonstration of the friendship of the nationalities living in Paphos, different in their origin, language, culture, features of life, but connected by a common aspire for good-neighborly relations and mutual understanding.

Big thanks to the organizers for the successful implementation of the “dialogue of cultures” and national teams for their contribution into the project.

Let’s hope that this platform will serve as a strong bridge for interaction of different nationalities, and the geography of participants and the number of the audience will grow with years.

Success to all in the creative beginnings and see you soon!

photo https://www.facebook.com/sergey.cyprusfoto