Goals and vision


Cyprus-Russian Association (CRA) of Paphos is a voluntary union of legal entities and other stakeholders who are interested in Russian culture and willing to improve the interaction of the Russian-speaking community, Greek Cypriots and other nationalities in Cyprus.
CRA is established under the umbrella of Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has been collaborating closely with it while sharing one of its offices.
The founding meeting took place in December 2011, with official license № 3868 obtained in March 2013.
All RCA’s decisions are made by the Board of Directors (BoD), which includes various participants of different nationalities and ages, thus entirely complying with the Association’s principles and vibes.
Our goals include:
• promotion of Russian culture among various communities and nationalities in Cyprus.
• development of friendly relationships between Russian-speaking community, Greek Cypriots and other nationalities of Cyprus, based on peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.
•creating the comfortable environment for entire commitment and participation of the Russian-speaking community of Cyprus in the life of Paphos, while keeping its national and cultural identity.
• coordination and collaboration with organizations and companies, sharing Association’s goals and vision.
• Communication of Cyprus culture, local traditions, and lifestyle, promotion of Association in Russia and other countries, represented by the Board of Directors.
• The arrangement of public events, assistance provision to those in need in compliance with the Association’s opportunities.
• Supporting, expansion and promotion of the trade and economic relations between Paphos and FSU region.
• Arrangement and hosting of any charitable, art, scientific and other cultural events, intellectual programs or socially useful projects.
• Provision of social, cultural, charity-drive services and assistance in building peaceful and friendly environment to facilitate love and benevolence both locally and globally.
• The arrangement of scientific, cultural, sport or any other workshops, intellectual activities, charity meetings, conferences, exhibitions, tours, entertainment programs aimed to achieve Association’s goals.

• Since 2012 International Children’s Festival has been held to unite culture and traditions of Cyprus with the multinational and cultural heritage of FSU region;
• Association has established a Children’s “Kamerton” Choir which takes part in different festivals of Cyprus;
• various workshops and seminars have been held on immigration laws, education, tax legislation; additionally, children’s development centers exhibition has been arranged;
• Meet-the-artist- sessions, the Russian language promotion master classes have been held;
• Charity campaigns and socially significant events have been hosted and held;

Association is currently a member of the Coordination Group of Compatriots abroad and a full-fledged member of the Cyprus-Russia Friendship Society. It’s been collaborating closely with the Municipality of Paphos and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paphos, the Russian Cultural Centre in Cyprus, Russian Orthodox Centre, the group of companies VESTNIK KIPRA and lots of other public and official organizations.


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