How I Became a Member of the Cyprus-Russian Association


Moving to a new country is always a special experience in the life of every person: for some people it may seem like a spine-tingling thing, for others it can be taken as an exciting event. However, this is far from being an all-inclusive tourist trip and has a lot of indigenous cultural practices, which will have to be faced every day. The island of Aphrodite is not an exception.

Paphos, as one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Cyprus, was chosen as homeplace by heart once and forever. Located between the west coast of the island and the Troodos Mountains, it is rich in sandy and stony beaches and cozy bays. Additionally, the city is known for its unique cultural heritage, conquering locals and visitors with the splendid architecture and authentic culture.

However, the first stage of my adapting to a new place was quite difficult, although I managed to tackle the problems while getting acquainted with the distinctive character of the city and its citizens. It’s not so easy to make friends, understand what you want to do, what you can do for yourself and others. At that moment I came to know about the Russian-Cyprus Association when I was exploring one of the local newspaper. I became interested in the program and vision of the organization and contacted them immediately to get more detailed information on the terms and condition of joining the association. Thus, I became its participant with a small membership fee.

The Cyprus-Russian Association in Paphos serves as a convenient platform to introduce and exercise ideas, while bringing to the table, discussing and providing solutions to the issues of both communities, develop a comfortable cultural environment and ensure mutual support to small and medium-sized businesses.

Founded in 2013, it has been gradually expanding and gaining strength and recognition of the multinational and multicultural community of Paphos. The number of its members has been steadily growing as well as the number of its followers on Facebook. It’s worth saying that the Association’s website has been updated and is getting to the top of the search engines on the web.

In November 2017, when the election of the new Board of Directors took place, where I was fortunate to take the seat based on the voting results.

Our well-coordinated team unites active and motivated specialists in different fields with one goal – to develop the cultural potential of the city environment where residents and visitors can feel equally comfortable, regardless of age and opportunities, mobility and communications, while trying to make the life of the city more colourful, interesting, exciting by implementing various cultural and educational projects.

I sincerely wish all members of the Association an avalanche of new ideas, a lot of enthusiasm and strength for their implementation and every success in voluntary work.

Are you not with us yes? Join now and together we can make the life of our Paphos brighter and more diverse!


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