International Drawing Competition “I paint Russia”


What do you imagine when you hear the word “Russia”? Unsurprisingly, if you say that this is the Red Square in Moscow or the bridges of St. Petersburg. This is the Volga-Mother, and the Siberian frosts, and the Ussuri tiger, a real decoration of the Far Eastern taiga. This is a remote village on the shore of the lake, overgrown with reeds, and the mountains of Altai, which you had a chance to admire during the summer trip. Or maybe this is a great writer or composer who has glorified Russian land for the whole world. For someone it’s a small homeland, connected with the street, friends and childhood. And the further from Russia, the warmer it is about it.
What kind of modern children are Russia? What feelings does it cause in the younger generation of our compatriots living outside it?
The Russian Center of Science and Culture in the Republic of Cyprus invites young compatriots aged 6 to 16 to take part in the international children’s drawing competition “I draw Russia” and share my thoughts in my artwork.


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