Legal seminars in Paphos (in Russian)


The first seminar, aimed at legal education of Russian compatriots in Cyprus, organized by the Russian Center for Science and Culture, with the support of the Russian-Cyprus Pafos Association and PEO Pafos, will be held on May 31 at 18:00 in the PEO Assembly Hall at 4 Pallados St., Paphos.

Seminars will be conducted by qualified lawyers who have extensive experience in practical work in Cyprus in the field of migration, family, labor law.

Seminars will be conducted in Russian.

The theme of the first seminar, which will be held on May 31 at 6 pm – Family law: divorce procedures, child custody, the procedure for considering the application for payment of alimony and property issues after the divorce.

The topic of the second seminar is Employment in Cyprus for Russian citizens. Procedure for obtaining a work permit.

The topics of the subsequent seminars will be published on the sites and social networks of the RCSC and the Cyprus-Russian Association of Paphos in addition.

Duration of seminars: up to 2 hours, of which 1 hour is allocated to the introductory story of a professional lawyer, after which from a practical point of view, questions from the audience will be sorted out.

Seminars will be devoted entirely to legal practice and will be focused on legal education of Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus on topical issues that everyone can face in their daily lives.

Conducting legal seminars is a new format of legal support for Russian compatriots, whose feature is the strengthening of the emphasis on preventive legal education of Russian citizens abroad.


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